(1) Casual Custodian/Maintenance Worker


(1) Casual Custodian/Maintenance Worker


QBOW Wahpeton Sub-Office, Wahpeton Dakota Nation, Saskatchewan

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As an important part of the QBOW Building and Property Maintenance team, the Custodian/Maintenance Worker will perform various duties in ensuring building maintenance building and office environments are kept sanitary and clean. The Custodian/Maintenance Worker must be proactive when it comes to carrying out his/her duties and knowledgeable with cleaning products and procedures, and occupational safety protocols. They should be courteous and carry a positive attitude while willing to offer help to both staff and clients of the organization whenever it is needed. The ideal candidate must possess good communication skills as well as have good interpersonal skills to be able to get along effortlessly with property management co-workers, staff and clients of the organization.

➢ Grade 12 Diploma or GED
➢ Valid Class 5 Driver’s License
➢ Clear and current CPIC and Vulnerable Sector Check
➢ Previous experience in cleaning or janitorial work preferred.
➢ Strong attention to detail and thoroughness in cleaning tasks.
➢ Good physical stamina and ability to stand, bend, and lift.
➢ Excellent time management skills to complete assigned tasks within designated timeframes.
➢ Positive and friendly attitude.
➢ Ability to adapt and learn new skills.
➢ Ability to work independently and follow directions.

Custodial Job Duties:
➢ Empty and clean trash receptacles and collect recycling
➢ Hauling recycling to correct recycling facilities
➢ Put up signs to signal wet floors during cleaning or to show any other form of safety situation in the surroundings
➢ Clean, sanitize and re-stock materials like toilet paper and hand towels in the wash rooms
➢ Clean and service custodial equipment as needed
➢ Responsible for the laundering of office dish towels, cleaning cloths, etc.
➢ Make sure assigned cleaning tasks are executed in a timely and orderly manner
➢ Work as part of a team to execute cleaning duties and to make sure that standards (of neatness/cleanliness) are maintained
➢ Make reports to supervisor concerning repairs that have to be made (which have been noticed while carrying out daily duties)
➢ When in contact with hazardous materials, inform the appropriate authorities to handle the situation
➢ Prescribe appropriate cleaning materials and products needed for disinfecting and sanitizing the entire building according to the organization’s standards
➢ Always make proper cleaning logs and records that show areas of the building that have been cleaned; also design a cleaning schedule.
➢ Submitting purchase requests for Custodial supplies

Maintenance Worker Job Duties:
➢ Perform repairing works and also maintain inventory for repair supply
➢ Cleaning the repairing tools and supplies also keeps them well organized.
➢ Booking appointments of workers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, etc., if needed.
➢ Keeping and maintaining records for any work that has been done.
➢ Setting and installing new items of furniture and pieces of equipment.
➢ Checking and verifying if all the security and safety systems are working properly (E.g. Checking if smoke detectors are working, if fire extinguisher needs a refill, etc.
➢ Conducting pest control in the building and other areas of the building.
➢ Doing electrical maintenance work. (E.g. circuit breaker trips or fuse damage, they may have to repair or call an electrician if needed, as well as replace any broken/burnt-out light bulbs.
➢ Performing general maintenance in the building such as carpentry, window cleaning, painting, etc.
➢ Performing security system checks in the building, like checking if all the locks are working, if lights are working, if doors and gates are locked, etc.

Please Submit Cover Letter and resume, along with 3 references Attention to:
Natasha Gladue, Human Resources ngladue@qbow.ca All short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview!