Knowledge Keepers Summit

Knowledge Keepers Summit

The QBOW Knowledge Keepers Summit is held to seek the advice, input and guidance of our Elders and Knowledge Keepers when it comes to taking care of our children and youth. While we strive to always do the best for them, we realize this is always more we can do.

We are currently experiencing many challenges within our communities, and in the urban environment in which some of our families live. This includes

  • Drugs, alcohol, gangs and family violence.
  • Loss of parenting skills – our young families need them to raise their children to be happy and healthy.
  • Loss of language.

“The Elders of our community are the foundation of our culture, language, traditions and customs. They have been entrusted by past generations to maintain our place in society. As a community, we seek their advice and teachings. They contribute and impact our lives from infancy, to youth and on to middle age. It is through their life experiences that we as a Nation seek a secure future.”

Excerpt from 1988 Elders Book, Beardy’s & Okemasis Cree Nation