Preparing for the Future with Act C-92

With the enactment of Act C-92 (June 2019) as it pertains to Indigenous child and family services delivery, QBOW is preparing for changes in how our child welfare programming and services will be delivered.

This legislation provides us with new opportunities to change and advance our services and to revive, rejuvenate and reintegrate our rich cultural heritage of customs, beliefs and ceremonies into our service delivery methodology so that our member Nations receive the best service delivery and client treatment available.

We will continue to work together with our Nations in our pursuit of excellence in quality of life for all the children and families of QBOW member Nations.

What is Act C-92?

Act C-92 will enable First Nations people to create First Nations legislation in accordance with compliance with our own regulations while at the same time, allowing us to continue our relationship with the federal government.

Act C-92 is focussed on the best interests of the child. For First Nations children, best interests are grounded in our culture, our language, and our land.

Agencies and individual communities, if they wish, will be working directly with the federal government to create their own child welfare legislation.